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 "Surface Treatment" by ELMPLUS.「ELMPLUS」is a kind of natural complex functional material of deodorizer.By crushing and mixing dozens of natural minerals, the result is a more deodorization ability product has been successful developed than ever before.


Hospital temporary toilet etc.

  • Dissecting room
    Location: A medical college's dissecting room in a famous public university in Shanghai.
    Purpose:Reduce the smell of formalin.
    Field Situation:Room area is about 70㎡ 4 walls and ceiling are about 117㎡ in total.
    Effect Measurement:After the spray the odor intensiy reduce 270 down to 153.

2, Non-Woven Fabrics

Spay to the non-woven fabrics, and stick with double-sided tape on the back, then stick the non-woven fabric in the smell place to deodorize. Resize by lot is available.


  • Application Area
    General home use

3, Mask

Wear this mask, there is no bad smell from morning till night.

It supports PM2.5 with 3 levels of structure.


  • Application Area
    Everyday use(especially in haze days)

4, Deodorant yarn in the semi-permanent "ELMY"

  Mix with polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon,we can make deodorant yarn.


  • Manufacture
    We work together with CBC a trading company(Chuo-Ku, Tokyo), JATEC a former textile sales company(Kanazawa-City,Ishikawa-Pref.)to expand the sales market.

5, Helmet

For construction bicycle motorcycle attending school.


A certain maker is considering

  • Deodorant with non-woven fabric inside the helmet which sprayed by ELMPLUS.

6, Mat

 Put the non-woven fabric sprayed by ELMPLUS in the middle of the mats to deodorise.


A certain automaker is considering.

  • Deodorant mat
    In the general home store office vehicle etc.

7, Deodorant antibacterial plastic bag

 Mix with polyethylene and become the deodorant antibacterial plastic bag


  • Deodorant antibacterial plastic bag
    In general home food shop restaurant for food or garbage.

8, Mat

Put the ELMPLUS's acrylic needle punch in the middle to deodorise.


  • Deodorant antibacterial mat
    In general home nursing home and hotel etc.

9, ELM Laundry

Put the ELMPLUS's acrylic needle punch in the net to deodorise.


  • Deodorant antibacterial bag

10, Insole

Spray on the back side with ELMPLUS to deodorant and antibacterial!


Walking shoes made by Japanese and Chinese famous sports makers

  • Antibacterial and deodorant insole!
    Use for sneakers, sandals, boots, business shoes,work shoes, outdoor shoes etc.

11, Temporary toilet

The ELM sheet is pasted inside the plastic cardboard, It becomes the deodorant antibacterial emergency toilet.

Inside the partition's cloth is sprayed by ELMPLUS.


Nursing home, flower viewing etc. outdoor use.

  • Temporary toilet
    A temporary toilet which can hold 600kg weight!

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News Releases


A CERTIFICATE OF PATENT as the antibacterial deodorant, antibacterial deodorant dispersion,antibacterial deodorant chemical fiber agent.


The Corporation CREATIVE YOKO first put on sale the antibacterial deodorant anti-mildew clothes.


2016.Feb.24-26, Exhibited in the 2nd International Medical Expo & Conference.


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